MyPlate Isn't Working

After all the initial fuss, most Americans don't follow MyPlate


Over the summer, the USDA revealed a Michelle Obama-backed MyPlate, tossing out the nearly 20-year-old Food Pyramid. Then, Harvard went and recreated the MyPlate with some healthier substitutions.

But it seems like all these guidelines are for nothing; a new NPD study found that average Americans follow MyPlate only 2 percent of the time. That's one week out of a year. The remaining 98 percent of meals either lack in dairy or in veggies (because who eats broccoli for breakfast?)

Granted, it's only been a half a year since MyPlate came out, and sources say that the guidelines may be more effective as time goes on. In the meantime, let's try to find a way to get vegetables into breakfast.

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