Muy Caliente! Taco Bell Now Selling Hot Sauce by the Bottle

Taco Bell is now selling their famed taco sauce packets: mild, hot, fire and verde salsa by the bottle in grocery stores

Why hadn't they thought of this before? You can finally get Taco Bell sauce in a convenient bottle form.

No more hoarding piles of hot sauce packets in your fridge! Taco Bell is now selling your favorite hot sauce packets, including mild, hot, fire and salsa verde in bottle form, available at your local grocery store. And the answer to the question on everyone’s minds is, yes, the hot sauce bottles will have Taco Bell’s infamous little sayings on them.

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“Taco Bell Restaurant Sauces have a large, passionate following,” Taco Bell senior brand manager Adam Grablick told The Daily Meal.  “Now, fans and new customers alike have even more opportunities to enjoy their favorite tastes of Taco Bell with more points of convenience to fit their lifestyles.”

Taco Bell also launched dessert kits for their popular desserts like the chocolate taco and cinnamon nachos dessert. Just add ice cream to the chocolate shell or cinnamon-dusted chips (your choice) and have a pretty awesome end to a hot sauce-drenched meal.


Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi