Non-Halal Products Spark Outrage at Muslim Cake Shop

Residents attacked the shop after pork was discovered in a delivery van
Wikimedia/Thomas Kraus

A Halal cake shop in Qinghai, China, sparked outrage when non-Halal items were found in the shop's delivery van.

Some Muslim residents of Qinghai, a province in the northwest of China, were outraged this week when some decidedly non-Halal products were found in the delivery van of a Muslim cake shop that purportedly dealt in only Halal foods and sweets.

According to Shanghaiist, the Ai Li cake shop in Xining city was ostensibly a Halal shop and had no reason to stock pork or lard derived from pigs. But some Muslim residents allegedly discovered non-Halal food in a delivery van belonging to the shop and, believing the items to be destined for the store’s shelves, were completely outraged. Demonstrators allegedly converged on the building and smashed up the shop. Some protesters were seen with a sign that read “Ai Li Muslim cake shop uses pork and lard as raw materials to cheat Muslim people.”


Nobody has reportedly been injured in the demonstration, but the local authorities ordered the shop to temporarily shut its doors while an investigation is launched.