Music City Eats Festival Survival Guide


Chefs Jonathan Waxman and Edward Lee share their thoughts on how to enjoy the Music City Eats Festival.

For the weekend of Sept. 21 and 22, Nashville, Tenn., will host the ultimate festival for food and music fans. Music City Eats: Nashville Food, Wine & Spirits Festival premieres this fall with live music performances, cooking demonstrations and panel discussions with top chefs, and of course, delicious food and drink offerings.

The two-day event is jam-packed, and whether it is your first-ever festival or one of many, planning the weekend can be stressful. How will you juggle attending Jonathan Waxman’s cooking demo, getting a place in the front row as Kings of Leon or Norah Jones step on stage, and hearing the panel discussion on bourbon vs. moonshine?  

In order to maximize your experience and get an inside scoop on what not to miss at the festival, we asked participating chefs and co-founders of the festival, Caleb and Nathan Followhill from Kings of Leon, to give their best recommendations and advice for all festival attendees.

The Daily Meal: What must attendees eat at the festival?

Jonathan Waxman: I’m always interested in seeing what Tandy [Wilson] comes up with…

Edward Lee: I’m looking forward to checking out what the chefs are cooking at Flavors of Nashville, including Tandy Wilson, Arnold’s Country Kitchen, and the barbecue from Pat Martin and Carey Bringle. At Harvest Night, I’m hoping to sneak away from my table and check out what Michael Symon, John Currence, and Tim Love are serving.

Margot McCormack: Considering the vast array of talent at the festival, I'd say eat everything, maybe with an emphasis on things you haven't tried yet, because it's going to be good.

Nathan and Caleb Followill: Any pastry from Nancy Silverton.


TDM: What event (cooking demo, panel discussion, musical performance at Petty Fest) is not to miss?

JW: Petty Fest by far. It’s a collaborative event, with everyone getting together on stage and playing great music. The combination of awesome food, top musicians, and Petty Fest? Come on!

EL: Come to my Hog Talk panel! Jon [Shook] and Vinny [Dotolo] are the dynamic duo of nose-to-tail cooking, so it’ll be a fun discussion.  

MM:  Personally, I would go old-school because that's more my style and say I'd look to see Nancy Silverton and Jonathan Waxman.

NF & CF: Emmylou Harris’ performance at Petty Fest.


TDM: What is a "must-bring" item?

JW: You gotta come with a partner-in-crime that can hold the drinks while you hold the food.

EL: Pair of sunglasses and an aspirin.

MM:  My must-bring item would be an appetite.


NF & CF: A healthy appetite.