Mother-Daughter Team Scammed Coca-Cola Out of $200,000

And they would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for some meddling investigators

Here's a Heartbreakers duo for the books: an Albany, N.Y., mother and her daughter have fessed up to computer crimes that scammed Coca-Cola out of $200,000.

KGW news reports that Carrie and Sarah Jones somehow figured out multiple winning codes to the bottecap contests on Coca-Cola's website, entering in codes using different identities and email addresses and selling their winnings.

Investigators became suspicious after they tracked down a high number of winnings to a specific IP address in Albany; the Jones plead guilty to computer crimes on Friday.


While it's unclear how the two women discovered the winning prize codes, the two have to pay Coca-Cola some $50,000 in restitution. But the mystery still has to be solved; "I speculate that there is more than Carrie and Sarah Jones involved in this situation," an Albany Police spokesperson said. "I mean, it boggles the mind that they could single-handedly fool a multi-billion dollar company like Coca Cola." We secretly want these two unsuspecting Albany residents to be genius hackers.