Most Expensive Bacon Sandwich and More News

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In today's Media Mix, Forest Whitaker was frisked at a deli, plus restaurant fines diners for leftovers

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

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Most Expensive Bacon Sandwich: A UK coffee shop has created the world's priciest bacon sandwich with the $237 Bacon Bling. The works include seven rashers of bacon from a rare breed pig, truffle spread, watercress, a free range egg, sliced truffles, saffron, and edible gold dust. It is, of course, all cooked in truffle oil. [World Record Academy]

Forest Whitaker Frisked at Deli: The Oscar-winning actor was wrongly accused of shoplifting and frisked at an Upper West Side deli in Manhattan. [TMZ]

D.O.M. Chef Talks Kidnappings, Danger: The chef of São Paulo's D.O.M., now considered one of the world's best restaurants, talks about that one time he was kidnapped, plus innovative Brazilian ingredients, like insects, coconut apple, and special black rice. [WSJ

Maker's Mark Decides Not to Water Its Bourbon13,000 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies Destroyed

Restaurant Fines for Leftovers: A restaurant in Japan asks that any diner who fails to finish every grain of rice and every piece of roe in a $25 dish pay a donation to fishermen who risk their lives for ikura (salmon roe) in dangerous conditions. [MSN]