Japanese Mos Burger Chain Replaces Bun with Tomato

A Mos Burger can be ordered in a tomato instead of a bun

Mos Burger's summer Toma-Mi Burger is served inside two halves of a giant, hollowed-out tomato. 

Japanese Burger chains keep reinventing the wheel, or at least the burger. While Burger King Japan experimented with black buns and Lotteria has been topping burgers with potato chips, Mos Burger has done away with the bun completely and taken to serving some of its burgers in the middle of a whole tomato.

According to Rocket News 24, Mos Burger’s new Toma-Mi burger comes stuffed between two halves of a giant, hollowed-out tomato instead of on a traditional bun, which Mos Burger says is designed to be refreshing in the hot summer weather. The unusual burger is served in a large, conical paper wrapper to minimize juicy messiness, and is a very limited option that is only sold in one Mos Burger location in Osaka.


The Toma-Mi Burger is available as part of a Toma-Mi Set, which sees the burger paired with a tiny caprese salad for 880 yen, or $7.12.