Morgan Street Brewery: Best Brewery in St. Louis

Best Brewery in St. Louis

Looking for a favorite beer can sometimes be frustrating, but lucky for St. Louis residents they have a world of beer at their fingertips.

Morgan Street Brewery is a bar and restaurant in St. Louis that pairs handcrafted beers with piping hot food. A small restaurant in the heart of St. Louis, located in the historic Laclede’s Landing, and “has something for everyone.” The venue also features outdoor and indoor seating and a brewery atmosphere.

Speaking of brewery the spot brews their own beer on site, with the brewery being located on the ground floor. Morgan Street brews 1,400 barrels of their own distinctive beer. In addition to their “colorful world of beer,” they brew seasonal beers from fall brews to Christmas brews, summer ales and everything in between.

A favorite among regulars is the Honey Wheat, which many Yelpers claim is the must-try beer of first-time visitors. If this doesn’t suit your fancy, there are 5+ others on tap at all times.