More Pay-What-You-Want Paneras to Open

Our faith in humanity is restored

Remember back when people were saying Panera's pay-what-you-want model was struggling?

Well, it turns out that the café in Portland is doing so well (along with others in Dearborn, Mich., and Clayton, Mo.), the fast-casual chain will be opening even more pay-what-you-want cafes.

The Panera Cares Cafés are a "test to humanity," president of the Panera Bread Foundation told USA Today. Of course, the cafés do some guilt-tripping to get customers to pay up.

Signs in the cafe say things like, "We are not about a handout. We are about a hand up for those who really need it." Customers are asked to take only one free meal a day unless necessary, and if workers see people come in a couple times a week, they will be asked to volunteer.

The company hasn't released exactly where these new Panera Care Cafés will be located, although we assume there won't be one in New York City. Totally fine; we have Jon Bon Jovi's pay-what-you-want in Jersey.