More Mind-Blowing Pizza Tossing Makes It to the Internet

A pizza tosser combines basketball moves, dancing, juggling, and pizza dough
Pizza Dough

Sure, that 7-year-old pizza tosser from Carmine Pizza Factory was kind of amazing two months ago, but in Internet time that's like a year ago. Once he learns to do these stunts, we'll give him top billing again.

A pizza tosser schools eaters on how to toss pizza dough like a pro, showing off his mad skills by combining moves you see in basketball music videos and juggling shows. Sadly, there isn't any information on where this guy actually works, but it's worth watching if only to try to rip off some moves.

The result? He pulls off a bunch of over-the-shoulder, under-the-leg, behind-the-back tosses. Watch the entire mind-blowing and very impressive video below, although Buzzfeed got it right when they noted that no one wants to eat that dough afterward. Unless he's wearing gloves? Your move, Carmine kid.


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