Restaurant Turns Tables on Customer’s Bad Online Review

New Zealand restaurant reviews cranky customers online

Molten Restaurant in New Zealand gave a dissatisfied patron "zero stars out of five" as a customer. 

A New Zealand restaurateur did what many others have probably dreamed of this weekend when he turned the tables on an online reviewer and left a scathing review of his own customers.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Molten Restaurant was reviewed on restaurant review website Zomato this weekend by a customer who described her meal as “the worst dining experience ever.”

"... My Chicken main course was very salty! It was supposed to have been wrapped in prosciutto but it looked more like bacon to me,” she wrote on Sunday night, adding that her husband ordered the lamb and also thought it was too salty.

This morning, Molten responded with a Facebook post reviewing that customer and her husband as patrons. The post on the restaurant’s Facebook page specified that the customers were rude to staff, had unreasonable expectations of quiet for a crowded restaurant on a Saturday night, and were not responsive when the server asked if they were satisfied.

When we first asked how your meals were, you said fine, then ate them in their entirety, then upon the plates being cleared you let us know that it was the worst meal you've eaten in a decade and that it was too salty for your tastes,” the restaurant said. It also specified that in the future customers who did not like salty food should not order menu items described as “brined.”

“Please don't complain that the prosciutto on your meal looked like it was bacon in your online review,” the Molten post continued. “The simple explanation for this is that it was pancetta. As per the description of the dish on the menu. Nowhere is it written that the dish had prosciutto on it.”

At the end of the post, Molten declared that as a customer, the unsatisfied patron got “zero stars out of five.”

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