Modernist Cuisine’s New Baking Steel Makes Ice Cream, Too

The kitchen scientists’ new steel sheet is for more than just making pizza

The Modernist Cuisine Team's new Baking Steel can cool down just as fast as it heats up.


We recently watched a video on YouTube of a Thai street vendor making ice-cream rolls in just a few minutes. Ingenious! Of course, we had to try it on our new baking steel. The steel, placed atop a 10-pound block of dry ice, can cool down from room temperature to 15 degrees in 10 minutes. Thus, you can quickly make ice cream with personalized mix-ins without setting up an ice-cream maker or procuring liquid nitrogen.

Get fancy by shaving the ice cream into rolls. To make ice-cream rolls, use a chilled, homemade ice-cream base, or melt down some store-bought ice cream. Some bases, such as sorbets, can freeze up too hard, too quickly. In these cases, add a ripe banana. The banana softens the frozen product and creates a pliable texture ideal for curling. In fact, in the recipe below, we’ve made curls using just frozen banana and kiwi. Experiment with other fruits that are naturally creamy, such as persimmon, cherimoya, and avocado.

Click here to see The Modernist Cuisine Team's Frozen Fruit Roll Recipe 

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—   Larissa Zhou, Food Scientist