Shoot Guns During Dinner at This Arizona Restaurant

A former Smith & Wesson CEO opened a gun-themed restaurant

A new restaurant from the former CEO of Smith & Wesson lets customers fire ultra-realistic replica guns during dinner. 

A new restaurant has opened in Arizona, and it specifically appeals to people who take the Second Amendment to heart. 

According to Forbes, the new restaurant is called Modern Round, and it was opened by a former CEO of Smith & Wesson, a firearms manufacturer. It opened in June in Peoria, Arizona, and 23,00 people have already signed up for memberships.

A membership, which costs a mere $5, allows customers to reserve tables at the restaurant. The tables are set up in front of giant screens, where customers can fire ultra-realistic replica guns — including a replica AR-15 that has a CO2 cartridge to give the feel of shooting a real firearm — at a series of different scenarios. There are zombie-killing scenarios, duck-hunting games, games where people shoot at pigs, and even real police and military training scenarios, which cost extra.

All new members are required to watch a gun safety video. Children ages 12 to 18 are allowed if accompanied by an adult.


The tables run $25 to $45 an hour depending on the day.