Mitt Romney’s Boston Market Thanksgiving

How the presidential runner-up spent the holiday
Mitt Romney
Wikimedia Commons/ Mark Taylor

Mitt Romney

It’s been an interesting few weeks for presidential also-ran Mitt Romney, as the man who’s been essentially running for office for the past six years now wakes up in the morning without a plan. Apparently, that also involved not having much of a plan for Thanksgiving.

In an exhaustive article, the Washington Post explores postelection life for the wealthy former head of Bain Capital, which largely seems to involve boredom, visiting with friends, bike riding, and pondering what could have been.

Romney has been holed up inside his Spanish-style villa in La Jolla, Calif., where he and wife Anne hosted Thanksgiving for the family last month. Instead of the traditional feast, however, dinner was catered by a surprising source: Boston Market.

"One friend said they ordered their turkey dinner from Boston Market, the home-style restaurant chain, because there were too many kids running around the house to bother with cooking a feast," according to the article.

No word on whether they included a side of cinnamon apples. 

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