Mission Chinese Is Taking on The Big Apple

The San Francisco hot spot expands to the East Coast

After taking the dining world by storm this past year, the duo behind San Francisco's Mission Chinese Food, chef Danny Bowien and restaurateur Anthony Myint, announced this week that they're setting their sights on the East Coast. 

The New York Times' Diner's Journal reported last night that the new Mission Chinese Food branch will open in the Rhong Tiam Garden location in Manhattan's Lower East Side this spring. The concept and menu will stay true to the original for the most part, which means familiar American-Chinese dishes with a distinctly unique flare — such as chilled buckwheat noodles with ham broth and salted trout roe, and tea-smoked eel.

The San Francisco branch of Mission Chinese Food is a pop-up restaurant that operates from the inside of Lung Shan in the city’s Mission district. This new location will take over the Rhong Tiam Garden, which is scheduled to close on the 31st of this month, according to their web site.