Mimi Sheraton Thinks David Chang Is a Phony, Likes Ina Garten


Ina Garten

If you've ever wondered what intellectuals like Mark Bittman thought of the food TV explosion these past couple of years, Grub Street picked Mimi Sheraton's brain on the subject.

The former New York Times critic calls out Paula Deen for wearing jewelery while cooking ("Cooking with jewelry disturbs me," she says) while creating the term "cleavage crowd."

On watching Giada De Laurentiis, Sheraton says, "When I cook, I know there is sputtering fat, and I know there are crumbs flying, and I wonder how much of it gets down there."

On David Chang and his use of profanities, Sheraton recalls seeing him on Charlie Rose sans dirty language. "They must have warned him," she said. "He spoke like a perfectly normal, educated nice Queens boy. And I thought, 'This guy is a phony.'"

As for a Sheraton-approved chef, Ina Garten got props for her knife skills, and her hands. "There’s something about her hands that makes me think she came out of cooking to do this," Sheraton said."The others, I think, were personalities who went into cooking.” Head on over to Grub Street for the entire TV watching experience.