Michael White and Joe Bastianich Meet Psy and More News

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Chefs and Personalities
Looks like both Joe Bastianich and Michael White met Korean pop star sensation Psy, of "Gangnam Style" fame. We can only hope they danced, too. [Eater]

Vulture provides us with a nifty jack-o'-lantern kit to make TV's villains (like Walter White, our pick). [NY Mag]

Jeff Gordinier and others share poetry about food. [Poetry Foundation]

Gallagher's, a just-off-Broadway stalwart, is closing after 85 years in the business. [NYT]

A New York police officer was arrested for reportedly planning to kidnap, rape, cook, and eat women. [NYT]

Chef Pierre Jancou of Paris restaurant Vivant slammed French Marie Claire director general Jean-Paul Ludot, who asked for a comped meal for himself plus one. [Eater/Food Intelligence]

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