Michael Symon’s Game Day Game Plan

Chef Michael Symon shares his top five favorite Super Bowl foods and who he’s really rooting for this year.


Steelers versus Packers. Pierogies versus bratwurst. There’s not just a lot riding on the game, but also on the food being served while you enjoy it. That goes double for Chef Michael Symon who loves the Super Bowl so much that he closes his restaurants so he and his staff can watch the game. This year, he gave us his game day recipes that are sure to please all fans, no matter who you’re rooting for.


What would be your ultimate Super Bowl party spread?

For me, I want to do something that I can really lay out and let people nosh on all day, so I’m gonna do a lot of big pot meals, like chili, braised meats, wings, and things that people can eat throughout the day.


What are your go-to recipes for the Super Bowl?

I always make a giant pot of chili. My standby is one with pork cheeks, and I braise the pork with chiles and black-eyed peas and serve with a big batch of cornbread.


What are your favorite top 5 favorite Super Bowl foods?

Chili, wings, and because I have an Italian mother, lasagna. I usually also roast a whole pork butt, which is something delicious cold or hot, and people can pull on it throughout the day to make sandwiches. And I always make a crunchy coleslaw to serve with it.  


Do you have a dip that never fails?

I’m not a giant dipper, especially at parties. I think one, it makes a big mess and two, because of that Seinfeld episode, there are too many worries about the double dip. So many people do it too is the thing, it’s actually true.


Who are you rooting for?

Being from Cleveland, I don’t think I have a choice and need to root for Green Bay. I’d probably be disowned by my neighbors if I didn’t. But, if I had to pick a winner, then I’d pick the Steelers.


What’s a dish that you’d make for each team?

For Pittsburgh, I’d make a huge spread of pierogies, some fun ones too instead of just traditional potato and cheese.  We do one at the restaurant with braised beef cheeks. For Green Bay, I’d make a Cheddar sauce to serve on top of a bratwurst.


What do you usually drink during the Super Bowl?

I’m a total beer guy, but my wife’s a wine geek and a sommelier so she does all the beverage menus for our restaurants. But I love beer on game day. I would definitely have Great Lakes beer, which is a Cleveland classic from a local brewery. There’s another brewery that I just love out of Michigan called the Jolly Pumpkin, and they do large format beers that are aged, so I’d get a bunch of those for the game.  


Are you offering any game day specials at any of your restaurants?

No, we are closed down so we can go watch the game. Our restaurants are closed on Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and on Super Bowl Sunday.  


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