Michael Mina to Spearhead Restaurant in New 49ers Stadium

San Francisco’s football stadium gets new state-of-the-art restaurant

Michael Mina's beef burger, to be served at his new restaurant Bourbon Steak.

It’s no surprise that Michael Mina will be spearheading the state-of-the-art restaurant within the new 49ers stadium coming in August 2014.

The New 49ers Stadium in Pictures (Slideshow)

As a 22-year 49ers season-ticket-holder, Mina told press that he was "honored and humbled" to take on this project, an undertaking that will produce a vast, 14,500-square-foot multi-level high-end steakhouse and pub. On 49ers game days, the Bourbon Steak & Pub will be a members-only pregame tailgating experience for season-ticket-holders, and the space will transform into Michael Mina’s Tailgate. But on non-game days, the restaurant will be open year-round to the public.

"It’s very rare when you get a chance to put together two things that you are so passionate about, and for me, my two biggest passions have always been sports and food," Mina tells The Daily Meal. 

Michael Mina’s tailgate is something a sports stadium has never seen before, with Mina cooking at every home game so members can experience great pub food with a twist, such as a Peanut Butter Crunch Burger and Bacon-Wrapped Wagyu Dog. All the cooking will be done in a state-of-the-art kitchen with a one-of-a-kind 13-feet-tall rotating rotisserie and a seafood tank with room for 200 lobsters and crabs who will overlook 70 high-definition televisions.

Friendly competition is no stranger to tailgaters, and this is where Mina got creative for game days. "We will invite one chef a game from whatever team we are playing against and they can bring whatever tailgaters they want from that city and we will compete with them and have fun with it," Mina said.

With a culinary superstar in tow, Levi’s $1.3 billion venue is making some good moves for their 1.85-million-square-foot space. Though all 69,000 seat-holders won’t have access to Mina’s exclusive tailgate party, stopping in to Bourbon Steak & Pub any other day of the year seems equally great.


To see how the new Levi’s stadium will look and get a preview of Mina’s menu items, click trough the slideshow.