Corvino Takes Over At The American Restaurant

The former Dallas chef has relocated to the American Restaurant

Formerly the sous chef at Dallas’ Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek, Michael Corvino has been named as the next head chef at The American Restaurant in Kansas City.

According to the Kansas City Star, Corvino describes his culinary style as Eastern influenced but not entirely Asian-inspired. The prepared tasting menu he showed to the American Restaurant for his audition included a lobster salad with melon, raw turnips and long peppers, and a veal strip with corn pudding and porcini in a blonde miso sauce.

He emphasized using the freshest and finest ingredients available, whether they are found around the corner or across the country. “I think food should be light and clean and equally bright and flavorful,” he told the Star.

Corvino enjoyed a full day in Kansas City before accepting the job. He will be following in the footsteps of the restaurant’s award-winning chefs: Debbie Gold, Michael Smith and Celina Tio, hoping to ride the same wave as his successful predecessors while preserving his own original culinary techniques.


Diners can expect to see menu changes similar to the tasting menu right upon Corvino’s arrival on July 15. “I’m very excited to start a new chapter,” he concluded.