Miami Monkey: The Best Bar in Miami

The Best Bar in Miami

Whether you’re a fan of Big Ang from Mob Wives or not, her new bar, “Miami Monkey,” is quite the experience. Ang’s Ocean Drive endeavor is home to uniforms of black bikinis and pink lipstick (black tanktops for the male employees, lipstick optional) and high-priced drinks.

The prices might me high, but don’t feel the need to get too dressed up. Conveniently, after a day tanning on the beach, you won’t need to put on anything else. Your bikini will fit right in. Differing from Ang’s original bar, Staten Island’s, “Drunken Monkey,” this location has more of a club feel.

With a gay night, a hip hop night, a Latin night, and happy hour everyday from 4 PM- 9 PM, the Miami Monkey is sure to attract a wide variety of guests.

However, due to its second-floor location, it is a hard locale to spot. To take care of this, Ang assigns female employees walk around outside handing out stickers for free shots at the bar. Make your way upstairs, and you might even get a chance to see Ang herself!