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Mexican Food: How to Stay Healthy and Enjoy Your Meals


Traditional Mexican food has brought us a wealth of delicious plates, tastes, and emotions. But what might not be well known about traditional Mexican food is that along with its mouth-watering awesomeness as a cultural food it can be extremely healthy. If you have struggled balancing bland, boring, and non-filling foods with a healthy lifestyle I recommend that you consider looking into cooking traditional Mexican Cuisine. Here are some examples of the types of food that you will find in traditional Mexican food.

• Vegetables
Ancient Mexican Food was almost entirely vegetarian in nature. This is still a cultural staple that is widely found in many Mexican dishes. Vegetables in and of themselves are an amazing source of nutrients and are recommended by many as being a core piece of any meal.

• Seafood
Mexican culture has found many excellent ways to incorporate a variety of fresh fish into their diets.  Seafood combined with the rich variety of spices in the Mexican diet provides a truly delicious combination of flavors that melt in your mouth. This combination of food is also incredibly healthy and is dense in essential good fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids that actually prevent you gaining weight and help your brain stay strong. 

• Chilies
One of cornerstones of Mexican Food is the chili. These delicious plants can be mixed with almost any kind of food and have some very impressive health benefits. Chilies can help reduce blood sugar levels and improve heart health. Not to mention they are delicious.

• Meat
o In the modern era there are vast arrays of different meats that are available in Mexican cuisine.  All different kinds of cuts and fillets from a number of different sources.  Lean meats and even some heavier meats can provide you with essential proteins and minerals. They are also delicious when combined with the many types of ingredients offered by Mexican food.

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