Meth-Filled Snickers Confiscated From Traveler’s Luggage

A California man's attempt to smuggle meth on a plane proved unsuccessful

A man is arrested for trying to smuggle meth onto a flight bound for Japan.

A Long Beach, Calif., resident had his own idea for the perfect in-flight snack when he tried to bring dozens of imitation Snickers candy bars on a plane. Authorities had a problem, not with the man’s sweet tooth, but with the mass of meth inside each candy bar.

Rogelio Mauricio Harris, 34, attempted to smuggle nearly 4 pounds of methamphetamine out of the U.S. by covering the illegal drug in chocolate and trying to pass them off as Snickers bars, reported the Daily News.

During a routine inspection of Harris’ luggage, officials became suspicious when they found white residue in a box of 45 individually wrapped full-size candy bars. Upon closer inspection, the residue was found to be meth. Officials arrested Harris as he waited to board his Japan-bound flight, according to the Daily News.

Harris faces charges of meth possession with intent to distribute, which, if convicted, carries a maximum jail sentence of 10 years.

The chocolate-coated meth carried a hefty price compared to any normal chocolate bar you’d find in the average grocery store. According to the Daily News, officials estimated the sweet stash could have sold for around $250,000 on the streets of Japan.

Sean Flynn is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @BuffaloFlynn.