Meringue Roses

Adding elegance to your party is easier than you think

Roses add instant elegance and class to your party

Are you looking to add style and sophistication to your next celebration but aren’t willing to spend a fortune on extensive party décor? Consider venturing into the world of meringue art, which requires a bit of technique but will leave you, your guests, and your wallet delighted.
This classy idea isn’t just for cakes — get creative and place meringue art on top of cupcakes, or use it to add refinement to tarts and create individual crunchy sweet bites for guests to enjoy. The best part is, meringue, being made up of only egg whites, sugar, and additional leavening agents, is a light treat guests can indulge in without guilt. Who doesn’t love a light, budget-friendly treat that looks as good as it tastes?
Of course, the piping technique may take some practice — follow this step-by-step tutorial by Cake Journal whip out your piping bag, and get crafting. Get creative by trying out different food coloring and piping nozzles, or if you’re feeling really extravagant, add some edible Luster Dust and go metallic! Impress your guests with an adornment they will be talking about after the party is over.