Men Eat Healthy at Home, Binge Later

A new study found that when wives take care of the meals, husbands will indulge in unhealthy foods later
Home Cooking

Home Cooking

Say a man lives in a traditional home where the wife does all the cooking and grocery shopping. Well, according to a study from the University of Michigan, the husband will eat whatever food she puts in front of him, even if he dislikes it. But then, he’ll sneak away to binge on some steak or burgers or tofu dogs (whatever floats your boat).

Researchers surveyed 83 African-American men about their eating habits at home. Most of them reportedly let their wives take care of the food at home, and ate healthy food even if they disliked it. According to the University of Michigan, "Men focused more on maintaining a happy home than having a say in what they ate."

Researchers pointed out, however, that if the couple didn’t discuss diet changes, men often binged when eating out or with friends.

"I think at dinner a lot of men are eating healthier, but they compensate for the dissatisfaction of not eating what they want by making unhealthier choices outside the home," assistant professor Derek Griffith said.

Griffith suggests that couples take the time to talk about healthy diet changes, so men will maintain their healthy eating outside the home and away from their wives. We suggest that men also start cooking and grocery shopping more; it’s all the rage these days, and gender roles are so passé.