Meet Gwyneth Paltrow, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, and Her Favorite Foods

The reigning queen of 2013’s gorgeous list is all about food — and good food at that

Learn about the lady that does it all, Gwyneth Paltrow.

We know not everyone is a huge Gwyneth Paltrow fan. In fact, she’s one of, if not the top, most hated people in Hollywood, according to Star Magazine.  But whether you love her or love to hate her, she’s apparently liked by some, as she was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World this year.

See All of the Things Gwyneth Loves!

We have to admit, Paltrow doesn’t bother us that much. Sure, her macrobiotic diet is a little zany, but she’s married to Coldplay’s Chris Martin, she’s besties with Jay-Z and last year’s Most Beautiful Woman Beyoncé (so much so that her kids reportedly call them Uncle Jay and Aunt Bey), she has her own food site (, she’s written two cookbooks, she’s won an Oscar, and let’s face it — she’s a great actress.

All in all, Paltrow is all right in our book — especially when it comes to food. She told the Observer, "all I do is try to eat and cook real food, the way our ancestors would. It's funny how people react, as if it's revolutionary that I don't want my children to eat Oreos, or the English equivalent, every day. I believe in real food, things being delicious, and butter, in minimally processed delicious foods and raw milk cheese and properly raised chicken and line-caught fish. But I'm a realist and I have kids and I love Oreos too, so honestly I'm not rigid at all."

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So in honor of her newest title, we’re recapping a few of her favorite things to cook and eat, and sharing how she spends her time with her family.