Media Mix: UK Chef Caught Stealing; Per Se's Blacklist; and the Marshmallow Trend

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Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

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Another "Next Cupcake": Cupcake haters join forces to tout the marshmallow as the next big thing, citing City Bakery's marshmallow art exhibit next month as proof. [T Magazine]

A Per Se Waiter Spills All: In New York Magazine's "Workplace Confidential" piece, a Per Se waiter tells all, from vomiting customers to those who have sex in bathrooms (it happens!). We're most relieved to discover that waiters don't spit in food. "Honestly, people wouldn’t do that to the food," he writes. [NY Mag]

U.K. Celebrity Chef Caught Stealing: British TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson of Ready Steady Cook was caught stealing wine and cheese from a supermarket. Well, cheese is the most commonly stolen food. [AP]

Diets That Help ADHD: A new study in Pediatrics finds that diets cannot effectively treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, but good diets can complement treatment. Tips: Get protein in the morning, cut back on sugar and processed foods, and up the fish intake. [NPR]

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