Media Mix: Roy Choi's Next Move; Hooters Leaves SF; and Pépin's American Journey

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Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Byte brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Roy Choi Goes Caribbean:  The founder of Kogi BBQ, and father of the food truck trend, opened a Caribbean joint in Los Angeles late last month. Although he's only been to the Caribbean once, on a cruise, he imagines people eating with their hands and dancing. [Daily Beast]

Texas Oyster Season Doomed: Because of Texas's drought, a "monstrous bloom of toxic algae" and the parasite "dermo" are shutting down oyster season. [USA Today]

San Francisco Will Soon be a Hooters Desert: The chain best known for their wings will close their only SF location on December 21. [SF Weekly]

Uncommon Ground Named Greenest Restaurant: Chicago's rooftop farm and restaurant was chosen as the greenest restaurant in America by the Green Restaurant Association. Not surprising, with their LED lighting, solar panels, composting system, and fryer-oil power. [ABC]

Jacques Pépin's American Journey:  He may speak with a lovely French accent, but the chef is American through and through, as seen in his latest cookbook. [NPR]

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