Media Mix: Dippin' Dots Files for Bankruptcy; Chicken Pox Lollipops Are a Scam; and Problematic Soy Prison Food

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Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

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Dippin’ Dots Files Chapter 11: The company behind the “ice cream of the future” filed for bankruptcy last week after defaulting on a $12 million loan. [WSJ]

Portion Size May Reflect Social Status: Researchers found that people who choose smaller portions tend to feel more powerful, while people who choose larger portions feel less powerful. [NPR]

A Prisoner’s Got Beef with Soy-Based Prison Food: A Florida inmate claims that primarily soy-based meals are “cruel and unusual,” alleging that the soy-meats cause “painful gastrointestinal cramping, [and] threaten the health of his thyroid and immune system.” [Orlando Sentinel]

Mail-Order Chicken Pox Lollipops Are a Scam: There are Facebook groups mailing lollipops licked by kids with the chicken pox to create a "natural immunity" to the disease. Doctors say the lollipops are "not only unsafe but illegal." [ABC]

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