Media Mix: White Castle May Serve Booze; How to Raise a Salt-Loving Chef; and Artisanal Pastrami

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Media mix
Arthur Bovino

Media mix

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White Castle May Serve Beer: The fast-food chain is considering selling beer and wine at its restaurants, starting with a location in Lafayette, Ind. The outpost will combine White Castle with a Blaze Modern BBQ, and patrons can buy $4.50 glasses of wine and $3 domestic beers to pair with their burgers. [AP]

Baby Diets Influence Salt Preference: If a child is introduced to starchy foods early on (before turning 6 months old), he or she is more likely to "lick salt from foods and to eat plain salt." [U.S. News & World Report]

Organic and Artisanal Pastrami, Anyone? Delis around the country are classing up their sandwiches and meat, baking their own bread and bagels, and grinding chopped liver in-house. [WSJ]

Food Aid to North Korea Stalled: After Kim Jong Il's recent death, United States' food aid to North Korea has been delayed. Officials say the two issues are unrelated, but "given the weeks-long mourning period in North Korea following the Kim’s death, they believe it’s unlikely [the main] issues will be resolved before the end of the year." [ABC]

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