Media Mix: 365 Days of 'Julie & Julia'; Sbarro Exits Chapter 11; and 'Food Hooking'

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Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

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The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project Ends: The college kid who decided to watch Julie & Julia everyday for a year finishes his (hopefully) last ever screening. His sappy roundup: "Here’s what Julie & Julia really taught me. It taught me discipline. It taught me to never give up. It taught me that even the stupidest of ideas could find a home on the Internet." Our congratulations. May you only see Amy Adams in The Muppets from now on. [The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project]

Wendy's May Overtake Burger King: Fast-food chain Wendy's may soon overtake Burger King as the second largest burger chain in the nation. McDonald's is obviously at number one. [OC Register]

Sbarro Recovers, Exits Chapter 11: With a reduced debt and $35 million from lenders, the Italian chain is now reportedly "a stronger, better capitalized, and more competitive company with a solid financial foundation for future growth." [NRN]

Woman Gets $1,200 Worth of Free Dinners in a Month: A 23-year-old Manhattanite used to get fancy dinners out of finance guys, then bragged about it to the media. The New York Observer calls this "food hooking." [Business Insider]

DNA Barcoding Coming to a Restaurant Near You: High-end restaurants will start using DNA technology to prove that your Chilean sea bass is really a Chilean sea bass. [HuffPo]

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