Finding Art in Meat

Staff Writer
Artists and perfumers are drawing inspiration from meat



Meat may not typically be considered particularly beautiful or attractive — but it has recently been the focus of several artistic ventures, including one that is in the running to earn one of Australia's most prestigious art awards. Meat is also making inroads in the fashion world by way of sneakers and cologne.

A portrait of Australian chef, Matt Moran by Melbourne artist, Vincent Fantauzzo is making a big splash in the Australian art world. The portrait depicts Moran surrounded by large cuts of raw meat while butchering a side of lamb. This past week, Fantauzzo won the Packing Room Prize, which is an award given out on the evening that the finalists of the Archibald Prize (one of Australia's most esteemed honors in the genre of portraiture) are announced. While Moran's painting is nominated for the Archibald, there has never been an artist who has won both in the same year. 

To commemorate publishing their second issue, the masterminds behind the German magazine SneakerFreaker commissioned a local burger restaurant to craft a sneaker out of meat. The creation, named the "Air Mett 90," was concocted by Beef Brothers

Chicago-based company Fargginay, released a bacon-scented cologne last week. It's currently available in two varieties: Bacon Classic and Bacon Gold. The former is described as a spicy maple fragrance with a hint of bacon, while the latter is described as a citrus fragrance with a hint of bacon and pepper. Both fragrances are designed for men and women.


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