McDonald's Realizes Not Everyone Is 'Lovin' It'

A Twitter marketing campaign backfires on the burger chain

It’s no secret that McDonald's is a household name; the fast-food empire has outposts from here to Tokyo and on six continents in between (sans Antarctica).

So, what happened when they asked the Twitter universe to wax poetic about their favorite #McDStories? What started out as an ideal marketing campaign to generate some pleasant Mc-memory lane strolls went haywire when the tweets went south.

The chain commenced the twitter flurry last week by using the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers to generate interest in their production process. McDonald's sent out a tweet with a new spin on its hashtag: "'When u make something w/ pride, people can taste it,' McD potato supplier #McDstories."

Snarky tweets ensued. Although McDonald's only used the hashtag twice, McDonald's detractors took the topic by storm.

Tweets include: "McNuggets was the last meat my wife ever ate. Said it was enough motivation to become a vegetarian. Still veggie after 10+ yrs," from @Skizlizzet. "I have stopped eating McDonald’s on Xmas and lost 25 pounds," @maoglone tweeted. And this gem, "Found a dirty band aid in the bottom of the take out bag," courtesy of @HarrisonSJ. The McDonald's bashing continues at Twitter.

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