McDonald's Worker Wins Mega Millions Jackpot, Angers Fellow Colleagues

She claims she won this one on her own, while other tickets were bought with a group

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Every news source ever has been trying to track down the three winners of the record $656 million Mega Millions lottery, and one winner is causing a bit of stir at a Maryland McDonald's.

Mirlande Wilson, who reportedly pooled money with colleagues to buy a number of tickets together, claims that her winning ticket was bought separately. Wilson, who earlier reported that she's not positive her ticket won, may claim the $105 million jackpot, and she doesn't want to share.

"We had a group plan, but I went and played by myself. [The 'winning' ticket] wasn’t on the group plan," Wilson told the New York Post.

Naturally, her co-workers are miffed, with people yelling things like "She can't do this to us!" and "She took everybody's money!" More drama ensued when a co-worker banged on Wilson's door and told her people may kill her over this, so she finally relented and reluctantly agreed to share, although she mentioned that she "can't find the ticket right now." No word yet on whether she actually won; a clerk at 7-Eleven (where the winning ticket was sold) said that lottery officials reviewing the store's cameras believe a man bought the winning ticket.