McDonald's Is Selling Cheesy Bacon Fries In Certain States

McDonald's French fries are world-famous like none other. But can the popular potato side dish ever be improved? The burger-chain behemoth is selling cheesy bacon fries in two lucky states.

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That's right, McDonald's traditional hot and crispy fries are getting jazzed up with two classic add-ons: Smoked bacon bits, and a gooey drizzle of real cheddar cheese sauce. It's not quite the gravy-and-cheese-curd-topped poutine of our Canadian neighbors, but if you like your fries with a little something extra, this is your side dish.

But here's the catch: The cheesy bacon fries are only available in Northern California and Hawaii restaurants, through the end of the year.

Although some reports said McDonald's was testing the dish, in an email to The Daily Meal, McDonald's said that wasn't the case.

"It is not a test, this is simply a regional limited time offer menu item," a spokesperson said. "We offer regional menu items at times, (such as) the Lobster Roll in New England during the summer."

The fries can be purchased on their own, or those buying an extra value meal can upgrade the accompanying order of plain fries to the cheesy bacon-topped fries.  But if you're not making it to Northern California or Hawaii any time soon, there are plenty of other Fry-day options. Here are America's 50 best French fries.