McDonald’s Superfan Gets Two DUIs in One Night

Drunk driver arrested at McDonald’s twice in one night

One New York man was arrested for two DUIs at the same McDonald's in one night.

Cravings are difficult to ignore, but last weekend one McDonald’s superfan wanted his Big Mac so badly he was willing to face jail for it twice.

According to Gawker, Zachary Boynton of Oneonta, N.Y., was arrested for drunk driving twice in one night last weekend, both times at a McDonald’s.

The first instance occurred around 1 a.m., when Boynton was so desperate to visit the McDonald’s drive-thru that he drove right into the back of the car in line in front of him. Police who arrived at the scene discovered Boynton was three times over the legal limit and arrested him, but he was released several hours later to be driven home by a sober driver.

That driver took Boynton straight home, but Boynton was still craving his McDonald’s fix and not yet sober himself. Still, he got back into his car and made another attempt on his McDonald’s run. This time, however, he accidentally drove his car right into the building, which was the same McDonald’s restaurant where he had been arrested just hours earlier. He was taken to the hospital and arrested again, still without getting his McDonald’s.


Boynton was also arrested for drunk driving back in November, making this his third DUI arrest in six months. He probably won’t be visiting any more drive-thrus for a while.