McDonald's Suggests Ridiculous Budgets for Workers and More News

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In today's Media Mix, a video behind the scenes at Alder, plus Shake Shack to open in Florida once more

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McDonald's Budget: The fast-food giant teamed up with VISA to create sample budgets for their employees, showing us that if we don't pay for heat and only spend $27 a day on food, we can survive off $2,000 a month. And that's paying $600 for rent. [Slate]

Israel to Ban Foie Gras: Rumor has it a new bill may pass that would outlaw foie gras trade in Israel. [The Jerusalem Post]

In the Kitchen at Alder: A video takes a look behind the scenes at Wylie Dufresne's new restaurant Alder. [ArtInfo]

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Shake Shack's Fourth Flordia Location: Danny Meyer's burger joint is heading to Winter Park, Fla. [Eater]