McDonald's Sold Expired Food, Says Chinese Media

Chinese food safety authorities will probe Beijing outlet amid concerns

Amid growing concerns of food safety, Chinese media and officials have decried one Beijing McDonald's, plus the French retailer Carrefour, for selling expired chicken to consumers.

A Chinese state television report set off alarms last Thursday, when it said an outlet in Beijing sold chicken wings 90 minutes after they were cooked; the company's rules dictate that they must be sold within a 30-minute time limit. A Carrefour store in Zhengzhou, it said, changed the expiration dates on some chicken products and sold misleading "free-range" chickens that were regular birds.

In response, food safety authorities said they would probe the McDonald's in question; McDonald's also released an apology to its Chinese consumers on Friday. Carrefour also said they would lead their own investigation into the claims, and closed the store in question.