McDonald’s Pushes Breakfast in Spain

Like everyone, Spanish diners think McD’s breakfast ends too early
Wikimedia/ Evan-Amos

McDonald's breakfast menus will be available until 1 p.m. in Spain.

Like every Egg McMuffin-seeker who has ever run into a McDonald’s unit just in time to see the menu boards flip over to lunch, a lot of people in Spain think the chain’s breakfast hours are too short. McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson got our hopes up last year when he said an all-day breakfast was a possibility for the future, but people in Spain are getting an extended breakfast period right now. 

Breakfast is one of the most profitable dayparts for McDonald’s in the US, UK, Italy, and much of Europe. But according to The Local, Spain’s famously delayed dining hours meant few people were taking advantage of the chain’s breakfast menus. Most people opt for a mid-morning break at a local bar instead of having an early breakfast at home or at a McDonald’s. So to try to get more diners in the morning, McDonald’s is extending breakfast service until 1 p.m. in Spain to try to get a piece of that mid-morning snack market.

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The menu has also gotten an upgrade. Spanish McDonald’s will serve things like toast with tomato and a wider range of coffees, in addition to the Egg McMfufins.