McDonald's May Be Prolonging Your McRib Dry Spell

AdAge got their hands on a reportedly leaked memo, saying the cult sandwich won't be out until December

Chains that hawk limited-time offerings that pop back up every now and again just to keep consumers on their toes are really annoying. Let's just get that out there.

With that said, a McRib sandwich seems to be one of the few limited-time offerings that McDonald's consistently brings back year after year, and one that consumers consistently geek out about. So McRib fans might be a bit miffed to hear that Mickey D's may be holding off on their McRib promotion until December.

AdAge reports that a leaked McDonald's memo noted that the McRib appearance was originally scheduled for Oct. 22 through Nov. 11 this year, but was moved to the second half of December to strengthen fourth-quarter numbers. As AdAge says it, it might just "save Christmas."

Anyway, McRib lovers will just have to wait a bit more (unless other news proves this memo wrong), but a spokeswoman for McDonald's neither confirmed or denied the content of the memo, simply telling AdAge, "We cannot comment on leaked documents, information." Fair enough.