McDonald’s Manager Steals U.S. Marshal’s Credit Card

A McDonald’s manager was arrested for stealing dozens of credit cards

A McDonald's manager allegedly stole a customer's forgotten credit card, even though he was a U.S. Marshal.

The manager of a Tennessee McDonald’s unit was arrested this week after stealing a credit card from a customer who turned out to be a U.S. Marshal.

According to NBC, a United States Marshal accidentally left his credit card at the drive-thru of a McDonald’s, which could happen to anybody. He figured out what had happened and drove back to retrieve his card the very next day, but by that time nearly $600 of charges had started showing up on his account.

It did not take police very long to figure out what had happened. When they looked at surveillance footage of the card being used at local stores, they saw Crystal Thompson, the manager of the McDonald’s in question, using it as though it were her own.

Further investigation revealed that Thompson was allegedly guilty of a lot more than just picking up one forgotten credit card. Police found 84 stolen credit cards at her house.


This is not even the first time Thompson was accused of committing credit card fraud with a customer’s forgotten card. She was investigated for taking a customer’s card in March, but was not charged and kept working at the McDonald’s in question.