McDonald's Encores Monopoly Game

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Participants can win prizes from free menu items to a Caribbean vacation
McDonald's Encores Monopoly Game
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McDonald's Encores Monopoly Game

McDonald’s is reprising its popular traffic-driving Monopoly Game promotion beginning Tuesday at its nearly 14,000 U.S. restaurants.

The promotion, which is in its 19th cycle, gives McDonald’s customers the chance to win prizes when they purchase an item from the quick-service chain.

The game runs through Oct. 24.

Prizes include McDonald’s menu items, Redbox movie rentals, EA Sports fan trips and a Nissan LEAF car. Participants can win a Caribbean vacation at Beaches Resorts, while cash prizes range from $50 to $1 million, and.

To play, customers order a select menu item and receive a game piece on the wrapper. The piece can either be an instant win or a match to a space on the McDonald’s Monopoly board. If a player collects all of the properties in a particular color or four railroads, they can win a prize.

Customers can play Monopoly in-store or online at

Monopoly Game Pieces feature both old and new menu items, including 10- and 20-piece chicken McNuggets, fruit and maple oatmeal, medium and large McCafé cold beverages — excluding McCafé shakes and large iced coffees — hash browns, sausage McMuffins with egg, large fries and medium soda drinks.

“The Monopoly Game at McDonald's is back and bigger than ever,” said Douglas Freeland, U.S. director of marketing for the Oak Brook, Ill.-based company. "With actual one in four odds of winning, millions of prizes and 125 million winning game pieces on menu favorites, like the Big Mac and Egg McMuffin, winning has never been more exciting."

— Alan Snel

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