McDonald's Debuts Banana Bread, Scones

They're testing a new line of baked goods, starting on the East Coast

Dunkin' Donuts better watch out: Word on the street is that Mickey D's is trying to compete in the baked goods market. The fast food giant has debuted vanilla scones, banana bread, and two kinds of muffins on the East Coast.

The Boston Globe reports that the new sweets are now available all day in Boston and Albany, N.Y., and the goods are not frozen and baked on-site without ever being frozen.

Of course, McDonald'ss will always be known for their Egg McMuffin, but apparently people wanted more from Mickey D's than the apple pie.

"Customers were asking us for something in the way of a sweet or baked good item we could serve them," Lou Provenzano, owner of 13 McDonald's locations, told the Boston Globe. If the sales go well on the East Coast, McDonald's will reportedly expand production across the country. Some more treats to experiment with for our McDonald's menu mashups, we guess.