McDonald's Cut CEO's Paycheck

His overall paycheck dropped 10 percent in 2011

Jim Skinner

McDonald's reportedly slashed CEO Jim Skinner's paycheck by about 10 percent for the 2011 fiscal year, AP reports.

The CEO's 2010 $9.7 million salary was cut to $8.8 million, due to a lower performance-based cash bonus. The breakdown of that $8.8 million? A $1.5 million salary, $3.2 million worth of stock and options, and a $3.3 million cash bonus, not to mention $752,000 worth of other perks (using the company aircraft, physical exams, security, etc.).

Of course, next year might be a different story, with all the new Happy Meals, Chicken McBites, and the new "Extra Value Menu." At least Skinner doesn't have to pay as much in taxes this year.