McDonald’s New, Healthier Menu

McDonald’s unveils healthier menu days before the start of the Olympic Games

McDonald's offers menu for 'under 400 calorie' options after Olympic controversy.

Fast food goes healthy as the world gears up to celebrate the 2012 London Olympics. Burger giant McDonald’s is introducing a new menu geared to offering more nutritious options for their customers.

The "Favorites Under 400 Calories" menu is offering just that; a variety of options under 400 calories just days before the start of the Olympic Games. Some dishes include the Fillet-O-Fish at 380 calories, medium fries at 380 calories, an Egg McMuffin at 300 calories, and Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap at 270 calories, among the 39 items listed on the menu.

"Favorites Under 400 Calories is one more way we’re making nutrition information accessible," said Neil Golden, chief marketing officer of McDonald’s USA in a press release. "This platform aims to empower our customers and employees to make choices that are right for their nutrition needs."

The unveiling of the new menu comes in the wake of controversy after opponents of the burger chain protested its involvement in the 2012 Olympics. The London Assembly argued that an international event like the Olympics that celebrates health and activity should not be sponsored by companies that sell unhealthy items. McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are the two main companies involved in this argument.

McDonald’s is now shedding light on their healthier options and promoting ways in which customers can educate themselves on nutrition. In addition to their newly constructed menu which features items already for sale by the company, McDonald’s allows those curious about their meals to mix and match food items on the companies My Meal Builder to check the nutritional value of their meals.

The argument to ban McDonald’s as a sponsor to the Olympics is still ongoing, but for now, the company is still backing the London event.

Sean Flynn is a Junior Writer for The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @BuffaloFlynn