McDonald's Releases a "Making of" Chicken McNuggets Video

McDonald's Canada releases a video showing exactly how the nuggets go from factory to takeout box

The makings of the beloved Chicken McNuggets have been demystified.

So much for making nuggets out of pink goop. A new video released by McDonalds Canada shows what McNuggets are really made of, and unlike the viral pictures that circulated last year  the fast food franchise’s nuggets are apparently made with real breast meat in pristine-looking factories. The video is one of several put out by McDonalds, in which they try to combat questions and speculation around where their food comes from.

The video shows workers on an assembly line taking apart a whole chicken and putting the chicken parts in a giant blender until they get turned into a massive pile of brown meat grindings. The chicken is then shaped into nugget form by machine, prepared for eating (this part is not seen in the video) and readied for shipment. For extra measure, our McDonald's tour guide takes apart one of the chicken nuggets to show that it is indeed a real piece of meat.

Even though the video is not particularly pleasant to look at, Tom Super, a representative with the National Chicken Council said that the process is actually very typical of anyone making chicken nuggets, just on a larger scale, and that it has been confirmed that most fast food franchises use real meat.


“This video was clearly made in response to big companies wanting to be more transparent,” said Super. “I have no idea where the pink goop came from, but this is what nuggets look like when I make them with my kids at home.”