McCormick Predicts Dukkah, Cajeta, and Katsu as Next Spice Trends

This is coming from the company that also predicted chipotle, Thai basil, and coconut water trends

Just as chipotle mayo became a staple condiment at every burger bar ever for at least a year, it looks like katsu and cajeta are going to be the next menu staple.

McCormick & Co. has released their 2013 "Flavor Forecast," announcing dukkah, cajeta (Mexican caramel), and katsu (a Japanese savory, tangy sauce) as the next spices and flavors to hit it big.

Dukkah, a Middle Eastern spice blend, typically takes toasted nuts, cumin, coriander, and sesame seeds and blends them all into a spice mix. "Not only is it rich and savory, but it's also got this great textural aspect to it, which is really important when it comes to food and flavor," Kevan Vetter, executive chef at McCormick, told Reuters. Cajeta and katsu (a cross between barbecue and steak sauce) were also paired with pork stir-fry.

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These predictions are coming from a company that also forcasted the rise of chipotle in 2003, smoked paprika in 2006, and coconut water in 2008, not to mention Thai basil in 2010. Judging by how these predictions came true, we're going to start expecting dukkah chips and katsu burgers in the near future. Or at least some fast-casual katsu-curry chains.