Mayor Bloomberg Doesn't Care If Sugary Drinks Kill You

'That's their right,' he says in response to opposition to New York City soda ban

With so much heat and controversy swirling around the proposed New York City soda ban, we were wondering when Mayor Bloomberg was going to respond to the critics. And respond he did: While New Yorkers marched outside to protest, Bloomberg told reporters during a press conference that it was the consumer's choice whether to "kill themselves" with sugary drinks.

Huffington Post reports on Mayor Bloomberg's choice words, who said, "If you want to kill yourself, I guess you have the right to do it." Sounds harsh, but he went on, saying he was trying to do something about it. He continued, "We've got to do something about this but they can have a march and they can make a joke out of it, but there's a story in the post today where the hospitals are having to increase the size of their gurneys and strengthen them —  they can't even handle the patients some of the patients are so heavy." (True fact, according to the New York Post.)

Bloomberg continued to say that climbing obesity rates — and death rates associated with them — were the new smoking-related deaths. Sounds like our "daddy" will defend trying to protect the health of New Yorkers to the bitter end — but hey, it's your call if you want to go down guzzling the sugary stuff.