Max and Eli Sussman on 'This Is a Cookbook'

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The brothers and chefs discuss their book and show a new recipe
Market Fritatta
Ali Rosen

Market Fritatta

Max and Eli Sussman have cooked together since their early years at a childhood summer camp while growing up outside Detroit — and that brotherly ease and comfort has carried over into their first cookbook together, humorously titled This is a Cookbook.

It's a book that's meant to turn the concept of stuffy cookbooks on its head. The book is filled with photos, jokes, and meals for casual, everyday life. The brothers decided to write a book when they found that too many books were unrealistic to the average home cook. As Max says, "We know how people really are. There's a lot of books that you buy that are beautiful and awesome to look at — and you're never going to make anything."

And they wanted to bring the fun back. Max notes, "Cooking is fun, food is fun, I don't think people realize how much fun you do have in a restaurant kitchen."

There are sections for everything from breakfast to midnight snacks to sandwiches, a portion that Eli is particularly proud of because, "the sandwiches chapter has a cool feature that we did, that utilizes all the leftovers from other recipes. So it's high-end and low-end."

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The book is out now, and in the video above you can watch as the brothers make one of their recipes, the Market Fritatta. The dish is meant for early mornings or late nights, and you can check out their tips above.