Matzo Dumplings and More

In this week's Recipe Review, pear crostata, plus mushroom and grain burgers

Matzo dumplings from Wolfie Rauner.

Check out our editor's picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Mag

Watercress adds zing to Zakary Pelaccio's recipe for a radish salad with battarga and poached egg.

LA Times

A classic French recipe for crepes and strawberries uses quark to add a creamy texture.

NY Times

Instead of using barley for a traditional veggie burger, the NYT mixes it up with mushrooms and brown rice.

SF Chronicle

Perfect after a dinner outdoors, a pear crostata recipe highlights the season's best.


Minted artichoke cigars? Unusual as it sounds, the deep-fried borek recipe calls for artichokes and Mediterranean herbs in a cigar-shaped package.

Chicago Tribune

Wolfie Rauner's recipe for matzo dumplings, which Rauner says he serves boiled and fried.

The Seattle Times

Tips on making crabcakes for your next party, plus a recipe to pair with an herb sauce.

Portland Press-Herald

A chicken recipe calls for morels (a spring season mushroom), leeks, and cream.

Washington Post

Whip up a mint beef recipe, an Asian dish that will satisfy in just 20 minutes.

Kitchen Daily

Why not indulge in a chocolate cake with hazelnut brittle? Enough said.